Creature Comforts Pet Retreat

808 S Co Rd 23E, Loveland, CO 80537

Phone: 970.669.2084 | Fax: 970.669.4041

Owner Information Document and Contract

We are closed for pick-up and drop-off on the following holidays:
New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Check - In
Weekdays Before 4 p.m.
Saturdays: 8am-Noon

Sundays: Between 9-11 am or 3-5 pm

Weekdays: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. *
Saturday: 8 a.m. - Noon
Sundays: Between 9-11 am.* or 3-5 p.m.
*Please Note: Guests picked up after 1 p.m. will be charged for an additional day.

Boarding Rates Main Kennel

Single Kennel: $28/day

Family Kennel (2+dogs): $48/day

(additional dog in same kennel add $16/day)

Giant Dog (in family kennel): $36 (be sure to ask if you're unsure if your pet is considered a "giant dog")

Small Dog Room: (for small dogs only, must meet certain criteria)

Single Kennel: $26/day

Family Kennel (two dogs): $46/day

Cat Accommodations:

Single Kennel: $15/day

Two Cats (same condo): $25/day


Nature Hike: $4

Playtime: $3

Private Activities add $1

Monthly Discount
Long-term boarders will receive a 10% discount and your choice of a complimentary daily hike or playtime. The first month's payment is required at check-in time.

Prices vary depending on breed and condition of coat. Please call for a price estimate. Receive a 10% discount for boarding pets.


We gladly accept Visa, Master Card, personal checks, and cash.

Hours of Operation:


9am-11am | 3pm-5pm
(Closed 11am-3pm Sundays)

Creature Comforts Pet Retreat
808 S CR 23E
Loveland, CO 80537

T / 970-669-2084

F / 970-669-4041

NEW CUSTOMERS: Please download and complete the required information packet. Click "Download Now" to begin!

What vaccinations does my pet need?
For the protection of all our boarding guests, we require proof of the following vaccinations in the form of veterinary records. Dogs: Rabies, Distemper Combination and Bordatella. Cats: Rabies and Distemper Combination. Bordatella is required every year but recommended every six months. Pets must be 4 months of age and have completed their full vaccination series before boarding.

Do I need to bring my own food?
All our guests receive Pro Pac foods. We have chosen this premium product for its high quality and well balanced natural ingredients. It contains no by-products or preservatives. If your pet requires a special diet or has trouble adjusting to new foods we will gladly use the food you provide. If you do provide your own food, please bring it in a plastic or metal sealed container.

What if my pet is on medication?
All prescription medication should be in original container. Bring enough of your pet's medication to cover the duration of their stay. We will administer it at no extra charge. For safety reasons, we are not able to board diabetic pets. (if they need injections)

Can I bring any toys or bedding?
You are welcome to bring favorite toys and bedding to help make your pet feel at home. You may want to leave extra special or valuable toys or bedding at home in case your pet decides to chew while he is visiting. Also, please make sure the items are washable.

How far in advance should I make a reservation?
Kennel space fills very quickly so reservations should be made as far in advance as possible. During summer months, call at least 8 weeks in advance, allow more time for holiday weekends. For Christmas and Thanksgiving, kennel space may fill up as far as 6 months in advance. For Spring Break, make reservations at least 3 months in advance.

Do you give tours of the facility?
For the safety and well being of our boarding guests, we ask that you call ahead to schedule a tour, Tours are given between 10 AM and 3 PM weekdays.  Please call us at 970-669-2084 to schedule a tour. 

Do you offer any discount programs?

The Creature Comforts frequent boarding card rewards our regular guests. If your pet boards with us for 14 nights during a six month period, you will receive one free night of boarding.We will start a punch on request. Regular grooming customers (appointments every six weeks or less) will receive a 10% discount automatically. All boarding guests receive a 10% grooming discount if groomed during their visit to Creature Comforts.

Frequently Asked Questions