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Located in the beautiful foothills of Loveland, Colorado, we provide your pet with a safe, clean and comfortable environment - so you can rest assured that your pet gets the individual love and attention they deserve. As fellow pet lovers, we understand that they are important members of your family, so it is important to us to treat your pets as you would and give them the caring attention they require. During your absence, our trained staff will work hard to ensure that your pets enjoy a happy, healthy and comfortable stay.

Welcome to Creature Comforts Pet Retreat


Our separate cattery offers our feline guests the comfort of spacious kitty condos complete with sleeping baskets, perching shelves and personal windows. The bright, cheerful room has a large window with a beautiful, sun-filled view of our 12 acre campus!
Single Kennel [1 cat] - $18/day
Family Kennel [2 cats] - $30/day


We offer a variety of comfortable kennel types to provide your dog with privacy and safety. Our kennels are climate-controlled and allow access throughout the day to private outside runs. The larger family-sized kennels will accommodate two or more dogs from the same household. We also offer the comfort of a small dog kennel room (dog must qualify). These prices reserve your pup that private space, however activities such as Hikes or Playtimes are added on individually.

Single Kennel [1 dog] - $30/day

Family Kennel [2 dogs*] - $54/day

*Each Additional Dog - $18/day

"Giant" Kennel [1 dog*] - $36/day
*Must meet size requirements. Per management; exceeds comfortable size of "Single" kennels.

Small Dog Kennels [1 dog*] - $28/day
*Must meet size and noise requirements. Trial stay required to qualify.


Exercise and socialization are crucial to the happiness and well-being of your pet. Creature Comforts Pet Retreat offers a 3/4 mile nature hike on our beautiful 12 acres near the Loveland foothills. 20 minute group playtimes are also available in our huge play yards. If your dog doesn't play well with others, no fear! We cater to many needs and all activities are offered privately as well for a little extra. These optional activities are designed to provide your dog with the extra attention and exercise many dogs enjoy as part of their visit. All activities are supervised by our trained staff and you can schedule in up to 3 per pup a day.

Playtime - $4/playtime
15-20 minutes long in group play setting

Family Playtime - $8/playtime
Two dogs from the same family in a group playtime (add $4 each additional dog)

Private Playtime - $6/playtime
One on one with a staff member

Private Family Playtime - $10/playtime
Two dogs from the same family go out with just each other
and a staff member(add $4 each additional dog)

Hike - $7/hike
3/4 mile hike with one other dog, done in the morning

Family Hike - $14/hike
Same hike, with up to two dogs from the same family!

Private Hike - $9/hike
Same hike, without a partner!

Kong Treat - $2/kong
A tablespoon of peanut butter inside a kong for a stimulating snack at noon

We cater as best we can to your dogs needs and requirements, keeping groups small for optimal care and enjoyment. All activities and kongs are upon request and not included in the daily boarding fee. Inquire about our frequent boarding program and please check out our F.A.Q. for more information about activities!