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Frequently Asked Questions

At a Glance

Boarding Rates

$28/day per dog || $15/day per cat

$48/day per family dog kennel, two dogs + $16 per extra dog

$25/day per family cat kennel, two cats

Available Discounts

- 10% off the boarding rate for 30+ days of consecutive boarding, plus a free daily activity

- 5% off bill with proof of current armed services or veteran status

- Free day offered every 14 days boarded in a 6 month period - ask to start a punch-card!

Lobby Hours

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday: 8am - Noon

Sunday: 9am - 11am || 3pm - 5pm

Location and Contact

Creature Comforts Pet Retreat
808 S CR 23E
Loveland, CO 80537

Between 1st and 14th Street in Loveland

East side of street on County Road 23E

Quick Guide 

What kennel space am I paying for? What do the kennels look like?

Our single kennels are 6 feet long by 3.5-4 feet wide, accompanied by a 15 foot long outdoor run that is attached. Our family kennels are 6 foot long by 5 foot wide, also attached with a 20-25 feet long outdoor run. Each kennel is the dogs' own private space, and they are free to run in and out of their own run throughout the day. The kennels are solid metal from the ground to 4 feet up, then metal chain link the rest of the way. This is to prevent any uncomfortable sniffing or mingling from other canines. Our cattery is in a separate room to help keep your feline companions happy and comfy. Single cat kennels are 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep and comfortably hold a litter-box, sleeping basket, and food and water dishes. Our family condos are 5.5 feet wide and 3 feet deep, fitting an extra basket for ultimate coziness, along with extra food dishes. Each condo has at least one shelf to perch up on, may have a window looking into our main hallway for the curious minds. They also all face the bird cage and window, allowing for in-house entertainment and sunbathing throughout the day!  

When do they have access to their outdoor runs?

Their outdoor run is available to them via a thick, plastic "guillotine" door that is open from 7am to 5pm, weather dependent. They are only closed for approximately 30 minutes each day when the kennel staff thoroughly cleans the outdoor runs using a mild bleach solution and disinfectant. 

Do they share any space with other animals? Do they share water?

The only time our furry guests will meet with other dogs is during our activities, if they get along well with others. If your pup prefers to be by them self or doesn't do well with others, that is not a problem! We can do private activities for 2$ extra, and they would be by them self and a staff member the entire time. Dogs do not share water as it is located within their own kennel space. Water will not be placed in the play yards as to limit the possibility of sickness spreading in the kennel. Cats and dogs will never mingle at our facility, and cats who are boarded separately also will not be allowed out together. Kitty enrichment involves one-on-one time to freely explore the whole cat room and receive snuggles during the cleaning and feeding process. 

Can you keep my own food? Even refrigerated or frozen items?

We are more than happy to use food that you provide! We are also more than able to keep foods cold and even frozen. 

Do you have air conditioning? How do you maintain reasonable temperatures through the seasons?

We have two swamp coolers located in the main kennel, and one in the front lobby to maintain a nice, cool environment for our fuzzy guests, and on particularly hot days, we will close everyone in in order to let the swamp coolers do their magic! In the frigid winters, we have a heating system that will keep our fur friends cozy. Runs are also closed if the Colorado winter is harsh and extra chilly.

Can I board my pets together?

Yes! We have family kennels that can accommodate all groups of canine friends! For two dogs or more we have larger kennel spaces available, and for two cats we also have large kitty condos to keep family and friends together. See the boarding page for more information on pricing and accommodations. No, we cannot board cats and dogs together. 

Can I bring their own toys and bedding?

Please feel free to bring toys and other bedding to make your fluffy friend feel at home! If you don't have any blankets to accompany, do not worry, we are armed with a mass array of cozy blankets and bedding to provide in order to let every pup have a comfortable stay. If you know your dog has a history of eating or destroying blankets, let us know! We can accommodate the mouthy puppies and feisty chewers with extra toys and no blankets, or give them blankets that have already been de-fluffed and torn by other canine friends (washed in between each use of course). Refer to this quick guide to see what you do and don't need to bring!

What items should I NOT bring to their appointment?

While you are welcome to bring almost anything of theirs to the appointment, we do ask you leave behind a few items that may get lost, destroyed, or mixed in with other items easily. Tennis balls and black Kongs should be left home - we are more than happy to provide them with those, as we have plenty here for all! Any food or water bowls (as we have a plethora of options, sizes and materials, that get cleaned often and always between the use of different dogs) are easily mixed up and we will not use them during their stay. However, If you have a special slow-feeding bowl feel free to bring that so your pup doesn't get an upset tummy by eating too quickly! Please refer to this quick guide to see what you should bring!

What are the kennels cleaned with? When are they cleaned?

Each individual kennel is cleaned in between each guest's stay. After a guest leaves, we wash the bedding (if we used ours), and clean and disinfect the dishes and water buckets. The kennel itself is first soaked with a de-greaser that gets up any grime, feces, and stubborn dirt that may be contaminating the kennel. They are then sprayed down with disinfectant and scrubbed, wall to floor until clean, followed by a thorough rinse. We use alternating disinfectants in order to forbid stubborn bacteria from developing a resistance to either one.


Daily Routine

When can I bring my pet in? When can I pick them up?

You may drop off and pick up your dog or cat anytime our lobby is open. Our only requirement is to have your pet here no later than 4pm Sunday through Monday to ensure they are comfortable before our staff leaves for the night. If you pick up your pet by 1pm on any day, you will not get a boarding charge for that day!

When do hikes and play times start?

In the morning, hikes start at 8:00am, and go until 10:00am. This ensures no one gets too hot while laboring up our hills, canine and human alike! Group and private play times will start right after hikes, and go until around noon. If the weather is poor we may shorten the activities for the dogs comfort, however rain or snow we will still exercise your pup as we understand they still require that daily enrichment. We start a second round of play times in the afternoon around 2:30pm and are carried out the same way as morning activities. 

If my dog gets more than one activity, do they get them all at once?

In order to make sure your pup has plenty of energy for their activities, they would have a bit of resting time in between. For example, if your pup gets one hike and one playtime everyday they would receive their hike in the morning, and their playtime in the afternoon. If you sign them up for two play times, one playtime would be in the morning, and the second playtime would be in the afternoon etc. We always make sure your pooch gets a break between activities so they can hydrate, relax a bit, and sniff their neighbors. 

When do you feed the animals? Can my dog or cat get a lunch?

There are several times throughout the day when we can feed your critters, from 7:30am in the morning, to 8:30pm at night. If your dog or cat requires only a morning and evening meal, they'll get breakfast at 7:30am, and dinner at 4:00pm, however we will gladly put down lunch at noon or a late dinner at 8:30pm for your hungry companion. 

How many times can my dog get out a day?

Throughout the day, your dog will have access to their indoor/outdoor run, allowing them to get fresh air and stretch out their legs. They can also use this space as a restroom, however we take them out in small or private potty groups when staff first arrives and before we shut down for the night. You are also able to sign each dog up for a maximum of 3 activities a day, which you decide and verbally confirm during a discussion at check in.

When is staff not there?

Monday through Friday we have front desk staff in the building from 7:30am to 5:30pm. On Saturdays they are only here from 7:30 to Noon, and Sunday from 8am to 5:30pm. When the lobby is closed for holidays we only have back kennel, animal care staff around. They are always here from 7am to 6pm, taking their break around Noon until 2:30. If front staff is not here during their breaks, the dogs outdoor run is closed and they are locked in for canine safety until staff members return. Nikita, one of the owners, and her husband Kenneth, live on-site below the kennel and are here when staff is not. They do a nightly round at 8:30pm, in which all the runs get opened again and your pooch gets a chance to stretch their legs outside again. They are also available for any after hour emergency on-site, as safety and comfort of your pets are of the utmost importance to us.

What if the weather is bad?

In instances of extreme Colorado weather we would do a handful of things to ensure your pup is safe and comfortable; closing them off from their outdoor run, substituting an activity out for another, shortening activities, extra bedding, and our climate control is set properly - are all steps we take. Remember that we will not charge you for any missed activity. Upon request we will leave outdoor access open during extreme weather [wind, rain, snow or heat] for your pooch, otherwise we will keep them closed inside during down times to keep the heat or A/C functioning efficiently, or to keep them safe and dry.  

Can you give them medications? When can you administer them?

With a few exceptions we will gladly administer medication free of charge. We are not allowed to administer injectable prescriptions. We cannot administer any over-the-counter calming medicine (rescue remedy, CBD treats, allergy medication for calming purposes etc.) without a vet note prescribing said medication. We can do a round of medication at 7am when staff arrives, then at mealtime, after meals, lunch time, 2:30 in the afternoon, and 8:30pm. However, as long as it fits with the time staff members are available, we are more than happy to work with you to make sure your dog is getting the necessary care they require! We administer medication per owner instruction, but cannot exceed the dosage of the vet prescription. We use cheese or canned food to hide the pills in, but would gladly use something you provide if your dog or cat normally take it with something special or has a sensitive tummy. 

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Do you require a trial stay or evaluation?

We love new members here at Creature Comforts and do not require a trial period or test to board them at our facility. We cater to many personalities, even taking "problem" children as we can accommodate private activities. Any group of dogs taken out for an activity is small and extensively thought out so each dog has a good experience. Usually we take out two staff members on any dog's first play time so we can carefully evaluate what group they belong in. If you are unsure how your dog would do at our facility, you may consider having them stay for just a quick night or two to see how they do before a longer stay. This helps to see if your dog qualifies for the small dog room or a giant dog rate as a trial stay is required for those, and can help us determine where they are most comfortable. We require a brief information sheet about your pets to be filled out and that is discussed thoroughly when they get dropped off. The more honest and open you are about your dog's personality, the better we can serve you and your pooch!

What vaccines does my dog or cat need?

In order to ensure the safety of all of our canine guests, we require up to date vaccination records for Rabies (including their rabies tag number), Bordetella, and Distemper. Bordetella is the "kennel cough" vaccination, and is not required by the state, so make sure to ask your veterinarian if your pooch has it! For our feline friends, we require Rabies and Feline Distemper. In a special case where either your dog or cat can not receive the vaccination (for medical purposes), we need a vet signed note explaining why your pet is exempt. We do accept veterinary approved titer tests. These tests must be done every year.

What if my dog requires medication while they board?

We can gladly administer medicine to your companion, there are a few guidelines set be PACFA we must follow; none that require injections (i.e. insulin) and any over the counter calming medication must be accompanied by a vet note or prescription (i.e. Claritin for calming purposes) otherwise we are happy to work with what your dog or cat needs while they stay with us, no extra charge. 

How old does my dog need to be to stay?

Typically boarding your pup can start at the age of 4 months. This is when they have received all of their required vaccinations that make boarding safe. Please remember to check your vaccination dates for your puppies as they require multiple distemper vaccines in the first months of their life so their bodies can build up an immunity. Rabies vaccinations are given at 4 months of age and is required to board here.

What type of dogs don't you take? What if they are injured?

While our kennel can accommodate almost any dog, we will put some restrictions on human aggressive dogs for the safety of our staff. We also have a loose restriction on Great Danes because they usually do not board well, and this has resulted in severe and even life threatening injuries while boarding. We will not take critters with any suture, oozing open wound, or any transmissible disease. We cannot take a dog with a cone or a cast-type bandage without prior conversation with management. Wolves or wolf hybrids of any kind are not allowed to board at our facility. Puppies too young to receive a rabies vaccine we also cannot board. In addition we ask that if your dog is older, recovering, or injured, to talk to your vet to see if boarding them here is the right course of action, as they may be more comfortable with different accommodations unavailable at our facility. We have the right to turn you away at the door if we notice you bring your dog in with any of the above afflictions, and will take them to a vet immediately upon arrival if we do not catch it before you leave. Just give us a call if you are unsure!

What if my dog or cat is not good with others?

If your dog prefers the company of only them self, that is not an issue at all. Dogs stay completely private unless signed up for group activity during their stay, so there's no mingling with other kennel residents, period. Potty breaks would be alone with just your pup and one of our trained staff members, and private activities are only $2 extra per activity, getting the same treatment as any pair or group would! While we will gladly work with your dogs temperament, we do value the safety of our clients animals and still maintain the right to refuse to board any dog we believe would be harmful to our environment and its tenants. Cats do not get interaction with other clients pets at all, but lots of staff snuggles! Even if your kitties are from the same family; if they board separate we will not put them out together, so let the staff know if it is OK!

How big does my dog need to be to qualify for the giant dog kennel and rate?

While weight is a factor, we look at the length of each dog to determine if they can comfortably and fully turn around in their kennel space. Your dog qualifies when we physically cannot board them in our single accommodations which is ultimately determined by management here at Creature Comforts. We strive for the comfort and safety of all our animals here, so rest assured we will not cramp your pup in something too small for them. Unsure if your dog qualifies? We would love to set up an overnight stay to find out!

How small does my dog need to be to qualify for the 'Small Dog Room'?

Weight and size are a big factor, but we also require them to be quiet enough that they would not disrupt the lobby and the clients being helped. There is no outdoor run access, so if you have a high energy little one they may do better in our main kennel. We require a trial overnight stay for small dog room candidates who wish to board there long-term in the future. This is also ultimately determined by management. 

What paperwork do I need to fill out?

There are two documents that need to be completed prior to your animals stay, or completed upon drop off of your critter. (Those can be found on our website header and are pretty basic.) One being the contract structured around PACFA laws and the other is a simple contact and information sheet. Feel free to print and fill those out, or we have copies here you are welcome to use. New clients can expect that we will be going over all the details upon drop off, and that will take a little time so please plan for that, as we do not like to rush this process.

Do you take dogs with stitches or other injuries? What about recovering from surgery?

Our protocol on injuries and recovery involves maintaining your care, and providing it as best we can here at our facility. Anything infected should be treated by a vet first, followed by a discussion with your vet that involves the risks of boarding them at a facility with metal, chain-link, and concrete. Unfortunately if your pooch has stitches, something oozing or openly bleeding we cannot take them for the safety of your pet and our other clients pets. If a pet comes in with an injury that requires extra care throughout their stay you may be subject to an extra $10 per day fee. Please note that plastic cones and other bandages tend to get ruined throughout their stay, as we cannot monitor them 24hrs, so please bring extra. If we have to replace that cone with one of ours and that also gets destroyed, we will require a reimbursement for the cost of our cone. If your dog has a cone they are not allowed access to their outdoor run throughout the day, and will remain private for every activity. Since they cannot use their outdoor run, we will require you sign them up for a minimum of one daily private playtime, that will be split into 3-4 outings.

Sorry for the inconvenience, please understand It would be harmful for a stitch to accidentally be pulled out while they are with us. As we have no vet on site we would not be able to provide the level of care we expect our clients dogs and cats to receive in case of further injury, and therefore do not allow sutured critters in our facility.

Many of our clients bring their dogs in who may be recovering from some sort of surgery (post suture-removal). This is done based off of clearance from their respective vets, a discussion with Creature Comforts Staff prior to their stay, and risk factors are thoroughly discussed when you bring your pooch in. We will do our absolute best to ensure your pup heals up and we will keep them comfortable during their stay! If your dog is still healing please ensure to provide an emergency contact who would be available to retrieve, transport and care for your dog or cat upon short notice. We occasionally make the decision to remove a dog from our facility to provide them with the best care in instances of further injury or sickness. Please call if your furry companion falls ill or gets injured and we will gladly answer more questions!

My dog is not spayed/neutered can you still take them?

Yes! While they may be more rambunctious and dominant, we love getting them out to release that energy and will gladly board them and fit them to a playgroup that allows for a healthy expression of their personality. If your dog is in heat we can accommodate that as well, we would let you know if anything unusual happens and can place diapers when needed! We do not allow two intact dogs out together, wither that be male/male or male/female or female/female - rest assured you will have no puppies and hopefully no dominance scuffles during group play. On that note, if your pooch exhibits poor group-play behavior we would let you know and discuss the best course of action from there. (We would normally suggest switching them to private activities for the remainder of their stay)



How soon should I book my dog/cat a kennel?

Kennel spaces tend to fill up fairly quickly, especially during the summer and holidays! You can expect most weekends to be full during the months of March through October. We only have 2 kennels that can accommodate 3 or more larger dogs so those may book up sooner; holidays up to a year in advance. We gladly offer spots on a wait-list if something you are looking for is unavailable at the time. As plans change people do cancel so there is always hope, but the best bet is to give us a call or send in a request as soon as you start to have plans. We are also more than happy to change dates as your plans settle in, no charge. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We have no policy regarding cancellations until Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you ever need to change a reservation or cancel we just ask that you call as soon as you know. If you have to that very day you're scheduled to drop off please call! We can most likely fill that space still, but offer no fee to cancel or change a booking. Holidays we do require a $50/pet deposit. That is to ensure everyone will arrive to their appointment, or cancel in time so we may fill that space. That goes on your account as usable credit if you honor the reservation, and returned if we can fill the space you had. If you do not call to cancel a reservation and don't show up, you may be subject to a required deposit in order to make reservations again in the future. 

Do you require a deposit?

We do not require a deposit for most boarding reservations. Exceptions are Thanksgiving and Christmas. Once we start a wait-list (about 1 or 2 months prior to holiday's) we physically mail out slips requesting that $50/pet deposit. We will also send those if your booking falls on a weekend before or after either holiday, even if it does not span across the actual holiday. That money goes on your account as usable credit if you keep the booking. If you cancel, that deposit will be returned if we can fill the kennel space, otherwise it is non-refundable. 

I sent in an e-mail reservation request, does my dog have a kennel for those dates?

No. To ensure your dog is booked please wait for a confirmation email to arrive. That email will include details regarding their stay, and may have some follow up questions. That email may also be letting you know that we do not have room to board your critter so please pay close attention! If you do not hear back from us within 48 hours of your request, please call 970-669-2084 to get more information on the issue. You may always call to set up appointments as well. 

When do you charge a boarding fee each day?

Each day your dog or cat is here we will charge you the full amount for boarding. We only charge for the activities your dog ACTUALLY receives during their stay, as we may substitute, cancel or skip one for any number of reasons. We have a 1:00pm roll-over time that applies to pick-ups. If you get your fur baby by that time or before, you will not get charged a boarding fee for that day. Only activities they have had will get charged. We charge a full day's worth no matter what time you drop your critter off, no exceptions. At our facility we do not require a scheduled time to drop off or pick up as long as you fit our hours, and have them here by 4:00 pm on weekdays.   



When do I bring my dog in?

Drop off for grooming clients is 8:30am on any day. Upon request we may do a 10am drop off, or as late as Noon. Please let staff know if you have any time limitations for dropping them off, we would be more than happy to work something out!

Can you groom cats?

Nope! Sierra is an excellent dog groomer, but shies away from the prickly claws of our feline friends. 

How long will my dog take?

Sierra does not groom one dog all the way through, then move on to the next. All the dogs arrive, she arrives and starts bathing, drying, brushing, clipping etc. and finishes depending on coat condition and type of groom. A Bath Brush and Nails service for a chihuahua may take an hour while the same service for a fluffy Aussie could take three. If you are curious as to when your dog would be finished please ask at drop off and we can give you an estimate. We will give you a call when they are done with their groom for you to come pick them up! If you have any specific time constraints that day, when you make the appointment please let reception know so we can work with you and the limitations. 

How much will it be to groom or bathe my dog?

This is totally dependent on size, coat condition and temperament. Decided ultimately by Sierra once the groom is complete. The cost may vary each groom, and prices are subject to change. If you would like an estimate please give us a call at 970-669-2084

Can I make an appointment for just nail trimming?

Yes! We do not offer "walk-in" nails trims, please call to schedule a day and time that Sierra can fit in a nail trim. It would be $10 and take about 5-15 minutes depending on your pups temperament and nail condition. Please note Sierra has priority of her current groom and it may take a couple minutes for her to be available. 

Does my dog need vaccine records for grooming?

Yes! Starting this year we are going to require up to date vaccine records to be provided for all dogs entering our facility, including our grooming clients. We require the same three, Bordetella, Rabies and Distemper and those can be faxed, emailed or brought to us at your convenience. This is a new policy, so please call if you have any questions or concerns! 

What is the best way to communicate what I'd like done for my dogs groom?

Sierra keeps notes on each groom, trying her best to follow owner instruction every time. She may call for clarification throughout the day. You may provide detailed instruction, pictures, and can give insight to what you've had in the past. First time clients are welcome to request to meet with Sierra, make sure a staff member schedules it in for you. If you are unsure feel free to get opinions from the staff or be open to something new regarding your dogs haircut, she can always change it the next time you are in! Staff usually prompt you with "Would you like the same groom as the last time?" upon drop off and that is the best time to communicate anything you'd like done differently for your canine companion.



What payments do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment, except American Express. Check and cash are OK as well. If a check is returned a $25 charge will be placed on your account. 

When do I pay?

You pay when you pick up your dog or cat. This is to ensure we don't over or under-charge you for any activity your canine may have gotten!

Do you require deposits?

Only during the holidays do we require a deposit to hold a reservation. That is $50/pet and required if you have a booking that goes through Thanksgiving or Christmas, and the respective weekends prior to and following each holiday will require a deposit as well. That is put onto your account as usable credit for your stay, and returned to you if you cancel and we fill that kennel space. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We have no cancellation policy other than a courtesy call to let us know you will not be making the appointment. Thanksgiving and Christmas do require a deposit, see above question! Changing days around is also allowed, as is picking up early, or extending. We do require you confirm those changes with a staff member via email or phone as we may be unable to accommodate them. 

Can you administer medication, and what is the fee?

We will gladly medicate your fur-babies free of charge. There are a few guidelines set be PACFA we must follow; none that require injections (i.e. insulin) and any over the counter calming medication must be accompanied by a vet note or prescription (i.e. Benadryl for calming purposes) otherwise we are happy to work with what your dog or cat needs while they stay with us!

What happens when you're full? Do you recommend another kennel for my dog or cat?

We would place you on a wait-list and contact you if kennel space opened up for your required dates. We love our clients here, and apologize if we are full! We recommend clients to an old employee of Creature Comforts. Her name is Kari Monson and her company is an in-home pet sitting service called Sit, Stay & Play. Her phone is 970-667-7866 and information can be found at  www.sitstayandplayloveland.com 

Can you keep my pet for an undetermined amount of time?

Requests to board your critter for an unknown amount of time are generally denied. Unless we have a set date we will not allow them to stay. We understand there are extenuating circumstances, and would be willing to work with certain individual instances! If you are unsure, please give us a call so we may talk through what you need to care for your pet 970-669-2084

Can someone else pickup or drop off my dog or cat?

Yes! If this is something you need please get in touch with the staff here so we can go ahead and get all the questions and proper paperwork done. A phone call would do great, or stopping by in person. If someone else is getting your dog or cat, please know how you would like payment to work, and the first and last name of the individual who will be here to retrieve your critter. 970-669-2084

Do you offer pickups and drop offs after hours?

No. We require you drop off no later than 4pm Monday-Friday and Sunday, and are here no later than Noon for drop off's or pick ups on Saturday. Our hours: M-F 8am to 5pm || Sat. 8am to Noon || Sun. 9am to 11am & 3pm to 5pm and you may retrieve your fur family anytime that we are open.

Is there someone on site 24 hours?

We do not have a staff member on the clock to cover all 24 hours. However, below the facility there is an apartment and the owners, Nikita, and her husband live there. They run the "night checks" at 8:30pm daily, and are available for any night time emergency.

What discounts do you offer?

There are a few options we have to give you a little break on the bill. If you board your dog or cat for a month or longer, we will give a 10% discount on the boarding rate for your entire stay. On top of that, we will offer up to one activity a day for free for that month stay. You could also receive a 5% discount on your bill for providing proof of your services in the armed forces. We also have a frequent boarder program and "punch card" that gives you a free day of boarding for every 14 days you board your animal within a six month period. These discounts will not "stack" and only one may be used per visit.

Do you offer weekly rates?

No. We do not offer weekly or month long rates however a discount will be given to any client staying 30 days or longer. 

Who are you regulated by?

Here are the Colorado PACFA rules and regulations that our kennel abides by - CLICK



What happens if my dog gets sick or injured?

Your pets health and safety are extremely important to us here at Creature Comforts. The first step is to determine how serious it is. If it appears to be a major or life threatening illness/injury, we will first try to contact you for guidance on what steps to take next. If we are unable to reach you and/or your emergency contact, we would then contact your veterinarian. In the case that we cannot reach your vet, we would then contact the nearest Emergency Vet Clinic to get your pet the care it needs. Any related vet expenses will be added to your final boarding invoice, per our Boarding Contract

What vet do you take them to?

We take them to your listed vet in cases of emergencies. If they are closed, from a different state or unable to fit them in we would take them to any other facility that could accommodate your critter. We use Blue Sky often, as they know us and are right down the street, but we may take them to the Loveland VCA. 

What happens if there's a fire or other disaster on site?

We follow our evacuation protocols; this involves removing every dog as quickly and efficiently from our facility to other designated boarding and vet clinics in the area. Staff members would be transporting them in kennels in their personal vehicles. We also have a partnership with Hearts and Horses and they would support us and our clients' creatures as well.  

What about wildlife in the area?

Located in the foothills, we are accustomed to wildlife ranging from skunks and coyotes, to elk and birds of prey. We never leave dogs out in a yard (or on the hiking trail) unattended. A staff member will always have eyes on your canine companion to ensure no harm comes to them from outside wildlife. Hikes are stopped the moment deer, elk or coyotes make an appearance on or around the property. Hikes would be substituted for play-times in that instance. Please note that ticks, during certain months, are a part of our land and may hitch a ride on your dog. We do our best to keep an eye out and feel for any ticks after activities and we keep them once removed so the proper tests can be run if a dog becomes ill. At night and when all working staff members are off-site, each run is closed to ensure your pup stays safe from potential night time wildlife encounters and they will not be released into the yards after dark. 

What if we are out of country?

Hopefully you're having fun! Be sure to leave an email address, and let us know what your communication limitations would be for your trip. If you could provide an emergency contact who is local, and good to answer questions or pick up your pet that would be helpful too. We will still always do our best to maintain contact with you in instances of emergencies or illness, and will work with you no matter your availability (excluding after-hour phone calls).

Who should my emergency contact(s) be?

We recommend someone who knows your pet well, is local, and could come pick them up from our facility in case of an emergency. If you have anyone who you trust to make decisions for your pets health, they are good as well. If you have none of the above please write down someone who could easily get in touch with you, or even just a neighbor who could answer some questions.  

What if I don't have an emergency contact in the area?

Any trusted friend, family or neighbor will do. Some people provide us the specific veterinarian by name or even the dog's breeder. If you have someone you trust to make decisions for your pet's health or someone who may know how to get a hold of you better are also good options if you are stumped on who to add.



My map is taking me to Berthoud not Loveland, where are you located?

If your map is taking you to a location in Berthoud, please give us a call 970-669-2084 and we can help direct you to our facility. Try searching "Creature Comforts Pet Retreat" and click "Directions" from there, do not type in our address, as it seems Google gets confused! We are located in the foothills of Loveland, Colorado between 1st and 14th on County Road 23E. See the figure below. If you travel West on either 1st or 14th street in Loveland, you'll cross 23E. Our building is located on the East side of the county road, and has a parking lot with a handful of staff members cars in it. Currently we have no sign marking the business, but it will be back soon! 

What kind of property do you have?

Our building sits on a 12-acre property. We can house up to 80 dogs and 8 cats. We have a 3/4 mile hiking trail that goes around the back of our property, and two large play yards, and a 3rd small yard. The yards and trail are picked up by staff members daily to ensure cleanliness. We allow the dogs to do basically whatever they would like when out on a play time. There are bushes to crawl in or chew on, trees to bark up, dirt patches to roll in, and fence-lines to patrol. We keep a close eye on them so the dogs stay safe and enclosed in the yards, with all exiting gates remaining closed and locked during activity. Since we are in the foothills, wildlife is not uncommon and staff members use their best judgment on what activities to skip or keep in relation to canine safety. Also, please be aware that dogs may return or be found with ticks as they are out in tall grasses occasionally, however we will do our best to locate and remove them immediately.

Could you provide transportation to and from your facility for my dog or cat?

Unfortunately we cannot transport critters unless an emergency calls for it. We of course could transport them in emergency situations to and from a vet facility. If you are worried your furry friend will need to be retrieved before your arrival home you may arrange a friend or family member to pick up, as well as someone to drop them off if needed. Please discuss with our staff when you drop off or make an appointment for your dog or cat!

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T / 970-669-2084

F / 970-669-4041

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