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The Daily Agenda

7:00am – Kennel Staff Arrives: All outdoor runs are opened up and potty groups are taken to the yards to relieve themselves from a restful night. Done in small groups or privately, this takes about 5-7 minutes. Uh-oh! If someone has an accident inside this is when their kennel gets cleaned and bedding is replaced. Also a prime time for morning snuggles with staff members! Medication can be administered upon arrival at this time as well (i.e. needed before mealtime, super time-sensitive etc.)

7:30am – Feeding Frenzy: As all the dogs bark to let us know how hungry they are, we

feed them per owner instruction! Don’t want to bother with bringing their own food? We

have plenty of free options here, ranging from a puppy blend to senior. All “mini chunk”

so our little ones may enjoy it as well. On top of that we are equipped with tasty mixers

if your pup has a *ruff* time eating, has digestive issues while staying with us, or just

wants a tasty vacation treat!

8:30am – Hikes Begin: We pair up your pup with one other, then a staff member takes

them on a scenic ¾ mile hike around our property. You may opt for a private hike for an

extra $1 if you want your pooch to get some alone time. Watch out! If we notice

dangerous wildlife or bad weather we will wait, cancel or substitute this activity

depending on what the best plan of action is for your dog [as much as your fur friends

would love to chase those pesky elk away!]

10am – Playtimes Begin: We release your pups into a small like-minded group of dogs for playtimes at their own pace, in one of two large yards. If your dog is a little snarky with others, we can take them out privately so they can enjoy the whole yard and staff member’s attention to themselves. Each group is taken out for 20 minutes, weather permitting, and will always be accompanied by a trained staff member equipped with a leash, spray-bottle, and some arms ready to snuggle and pet any pup that comes by. This is a great time for dogs to sniff and keep to themselves, get human attention, or rough-house with others. Also a great time to mark up the perimeter with their scent, chase any birds away, and roll in dirt patches!

10:30am – Cleaning Starts: Our facility gets cleaned daily, along with each individual kennel space once dogs have left. At this time, outside runs are closed (so no access for your pup) and they all get cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant and a mild bleach solution. Once the runs are all cleaned, closed and locked, the outdoor runs get opened, giving your pooch freedom to roam in and out again. With play times happening most dogs get outside during this time anyway, and it takes about 30 minutes for each area, so

they will not be closed inside for very long at all!

11am - Treat Time: Staff members go around to each kennel and pass out treats.

We have treats here, but if you have a picky dog or want them to have something

special feel free to bring anything you’d like. Our crunchy treats are a chicken, beef

and pea formula and are totally dye and grain-free.

12pm – Lunch time!: If your dog gets lunch we deliver! We also check their

blankets and water so they are happy and comfortable while the staff goes on a

lunch break. On top of feeding, we also do other activities such as monitor and clean any wounds, take dogs on potty breaks and take some time to snuggle the dogs with no playtimes. Here we offer a peanut butter filled Kong treat for just $1/kong ; we drop them now and pick them up later in the day. If your dog is uninterested don’t worry! We won’t overcharge you and can stop providing them at any time. Once every dog is happy, safe, and comfy, the back staff leaves. If the weather is bad or our front lobby is closed, the runs to the outside area of their kennels, are closed for safety. We don’t want your dog to be overheating, freezing, or getting soaked with rain while staff is away. Otherwise, on nice days these runs stay open for the duration of the day.

2:30pm – Afternoon Playtimes: Like before an equipped staff member will facilitate your dogs playtime. If you sign up your pup for a hike or two playtimes, we stagger the times they go out so they get constant activity throughout the day, and not all during our morning hours. Remember to check our Facebook for pictures featuring your fur-friend! All our staff members have access to post photos and if the group is tame enough they love using your dogs as photo subjects.

4pm – Dinner is Served: Boy do they let us know they’re hungry! After a full day of activity (or relaxation) your pups are ready for dinner and we serve, again, as per owner instruction the best we can! Waters and blankets are checked again, and more snuggles are given. During this time, and directly following, we are preparing to clean kennels of the departed dogs, along with preparing to clean the inside of the facility.

4:30-5pm – Potty Break: Around this time (depending on feeding) we start taking dogs out to go potty in the yards. The remaining kennels will be cleaned, everything will be organized, and activity groups for the next day will be prepared. If your dog is leaving the next day we would decide, based on their previous habits, if they can keep their bedding or if we will provide our own for the night, so we can return it to you clean the next day.

5:30pm – All Closed In: As the staff prepares to leave, all the outdoor runs get closed off, all dogs are checked to be inside and comfortable (blankets and waters are checked one last time) and the facility is locked and lights turned out. Extra snuggles and attention may be given as well! Most of the dogs have settled and it is surprisingly quite at this point as they prepare to relax for the night.

8:30pm – Night Check Begins: At this time a staff member returns and will turn on the lights, open up all the outdoor runs and give your pups some time to stretch their legs and relieve themselves before they are put to bed. Any accidents that may have happened are cleaned, and bedding changed. If there are time sensitive medications, this is another time we are available to administer them. Any bed-time treat they may need or even another feeding can be provided at this time as well. Once blankets, waters and dogs are checked on they get closed and locked back inside, until 7am rolls around and then they start again!


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